Do I Need A Will?

A Will enables you to have your personal belongs and assets to be distributed per your wishes, simplifying probate, and choosing a guardian for minor children. Without a Will, the court makes these decisions.

Many people put off discussing these matters because it is uncomfortable. They are hesitant to begin drafting a will because they don’t have the time or think they don’t have the money to complete the process.

We provide straightforward Will and estate planning in one easy step. Will and estate planning documents with our firm are charged at a flat fee that is lower than the standard online package. Further, you receive a North Carolina comprehensive estate plan that is drafted by a professional. You can complete it all in one appointment. To begin, fill out the form by clicking on the button below to go to the forms page, and/or schedule a will appointment with our online calendar. Once you complete the form, return it to¬†[email protected].

Throw a Party!
A Will Party

A Will Party is a service that we offer for busy families. Often parents have a difficult time arranging child care, time off of work, etc. A Will Party consists of two or more couples. Each couple will turn in their Will Questionnaires prior to the party. Daniels Hand Law will bring drafts of all estate documents. Once we have reviewed those documents thoroughly with each client and finalize changes we will execute and witness the documents.

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